Saucorey Unique Michener is what they decided on ♥ Born NOVEMBER 14, 1994; SCORPIO, I'm a dreamer like every other person on this earth , just a girl trying to achieve them. Originality and Uniqueness is everything . I've learn to take advantage of this life and live like there's no tomorrow: CRAZY would be the word to defined my life. Friends and Family will always have a special place in my heart . Night Life ☑ Style and Fashion is everything to me . I wanna fulfill my dream to become a model , And hope one day to be famous, That's my life goal. But for now I'm in the process. Hate and Love are strong words, but you will have to decide what path would you like best if you wanna be in my life ; Some people may decide to dislike me, but my expectations aren't to impress anyone. Before you judge, make sure your perfect. Become a part of my life, and you begin the crazy memories (:

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